So you had a great May, what now?


There are many examples of record performances across the auto industry in May. After 2 months of “safer in place” there was a built-up angst that produced a surge of activity in our dealerships, but what now? I see examples that the surge is not over, however it is starting a downward trajectory.

First let me say, GREAT JOB!

Now, we are on the 4th day of a new month and what can we do to continue our success? I reflect on Bob Stoops, former Head Football Coach for the University of Oklahoma who once shared the most valuable lesson he learned from Steve Spurrier while he was on Coach Spurrier’s staff. The valuable wisdom learned was, “When the team wins, treat them like they lost, and when they lose, treat them like they won.”

To clarify let me state, I strongly believe we must celebrate the wins. I advocate for taking time to recognize achievement, especially when the achievements are in part, or in full, due to a process or principle we have worked to implement and enforce with our staff. I liken this to the field and locker room after a victory. Take time to celebrate!

When the immediate celebration is over, and we come together for the next challenge (a new month) we need to focus on what we could have done better last month. What deals did we miss and how do we either capture them or coach to avoid those pitfalls in the future? What opportunities were neglected due to an abundance of “low hanging fruit?” I believe every dealership in the country has deals sitting in their CRM right now!

We address this on our latest episode of the podcast Saturday Morning Sales Meeting (episode 46).